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Downsizing Tips For Seniors- NYC Movers Share An Ultimate Guide

Downsizing Tips For Seniors- NYC Movers Share An Ultimate Guide

Downsizing homes can be extremely overwhelming for several seniors. It is not something they can get used to very quickly. It takes time for them to settle themselves with the idea of downsizing. While some are upfront and come up with the idea by themselves, for others, the idea must be shared by their loved ones. NYC movers understand the importance of downsizing home for seniors. So, if you are also thinking of ideas for “how to downsize and simplify your home?”, look for the next part of this article and get answers to all your queries.

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Before anything, timing plays a very critical role in talking about downsizing with the seniors. For example, if they are experiencing any medical issues, you must never talk about moving or downsizing. In other situations, make sure the conversation is gentle and held more compassionately. Make sure that they understand it’s for their well being or that you are concerned about their care more than anything.

Once you decide to downsize your home, here are the downsizing tips for seniors to minimize stress levels. But, before that, make sure to go ahead with the evaluation process first.

What Are The Reasons For Downsizing Home For Seniors?

“What and Why’s” are very important when you start a conversation about downsizing. Make sure you discuss every pros and con of this step before moving ahead with the downsizing tips.

This is a perfect way to handle any sudden emotional buildups or surge in the emotions for making the final change. Give them and yourself some time to process this information.

NYC Movers share some of the most common reasons for senior downsizing-

To Cut Down on Maintenance

As per the data shared by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, seniors above the age of 55 are in constant need of help with housekeeping, gardening, home repairs, and other activities. 

To Reduce Cost of Living

By cutting down on some of the costs, one can save in a lot of money and increase their retirement funds. Smaller space, fewer expenses. Isn’t that good for you?

When Health Issues Are Becoming a Barrier

There are many seniors with physical disabilities, such as vision or hearing impairments. A lot of senior living homes offer services that such an elderly population needs. 

Look for your reasons and accordingly decide whether moving ahead with downsizing will be helpful. 

Downsizing Tips For Seniors

Before starting laying off stuff and getting all messy, the most important thing you need to address is the home they will be shifting to. Before finding the final destination, you can never understand what needs to be taken care of.

Consider everything before deciding the final moving. Make sure to include seniors while you are preparing to make some decisions for them. This will make them much more comfortable with the entire downsizing process. NYC Movers share some of the standard options for downsizing

  • Leasing an apartment 
  • Buying a smaller condo or home
  • Sharing a home with a trusted friend or a family member 
  • Going into an assisted facility 
  • Entering in a retirement compound
  • Nursing home facilities 

Honesty, patience, and communication will be the key to finding the best home for seniors. And most important, going through the transition very smoothly. Be aware of the facilities provided by certain senior care homes. But, they might add to your budget. So, understanding every aspect will help with moving hassle-free.

Start The Process Early

Giving yourself and your adults enough time to get through with the entire process will help them to sort things out without hurting their sentiments. Never do the whole process in a day or two. Keep yourself a couple of weeks or a month to take things out of one room at a time. This will give you enough breaks throughout the entire process of moving. 

When you are not rushed into anything, the process of downsizing home feels less hectic and emotional. You can also take help from NYC movers for going ahead with this process. 

Start The Process of Decluttering

As per the downsizing tips shared by the best local movers NYC, start the process with your primary rooms such as living room, bedroom, dining area, and kitchen. These rooms have the heaviest objects. Almost 90% of the critical stuff is present in these rooms.

But, these rooms contain two types of items, ones that are in use and others that simply hold sentimental value. So, as per your new space, one needs to decide what to take along and what to leave behind. Accordingly, make different sets of the valuables. For instance, things to keep, things to pass along to family and friends, things to donate, stuff for selling, and things meant to throw away. You can decide the list as per the answers to the questions mentioned below-

  • Is the item necessary?
  • Does the adult need it?
  • Are there any duplicates of that item?
  • Is there any financial value attached to that thing?
  • Does the item hold financial value?
  • Will that item fit into a smaller place?

Remember, it’s a long process to declutter all of this pile of items. Don’t make it more challenging for your seniors and give them ample time to figure things out.

Hire NYC Movers Providing Senior Downsizing Services

One of the common reasons that seniors fear of moving is that they will not have any home for keeping their belongings during the transit. But, the entire scenario changes when you have help such as storage facilities and one of the best local movers NYC. Here are some of the options where you can store your valuable items during the process of downsizing home. 

For Items With Sentimental Value

You can keep such items in a small storage unit that will be safe for holding onto things as memorabilia. 

For Oversized Items

You need to save some space in the living area where you can store things like outdoor equipment, unused vehicles. You can also rent some of the storage units that are available on a monthly basis. 

Hiring help or NYC movers will help you cut down the emotional drain that comes with packing and moving stuff by yourself. Some facilities offer discounted rates for senior citizens as well. 

In The End

Moving can be daunting for anyone, be it a person in his/her 30s or the ones above the age of 55. So, if you are feeling too pressured with a situation, you can find yourself with professional NYC movers that will help you with all the planning and downsizing home requirements.

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