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How to Find a Reputable Mover?

How to Find a Reputable Mover

It is not a surprise that you look forward to finding honest services when hiring any moving company for your relocation. But, whether or not you should care about the query “How to find a reputable mover?” might leave you in a jiffy. No doubt about that. After all, you have to hand over your important items to strangers that you might have hardly met. Don’t let the stress take over the other essential tasks. So, for that, make sure you find a reputable long distance movers NYC.

And, primarily, the success of any moving project depends on the expertise and reputation of a company. If, by any chance, you are investing in a company with poor customer experience, thinking it will work for you is something you should never hope for. Your choices influence how things will work out in the end. So, let’s find the factors that will help you find reputable Brooklyn Movers.

How to Find a Reputable Mover?

Before moving ahead with finding the answer to this question, let’s see if there are any reputable movers in the business. Well, that’s true. You can find trustworthy and good moving companies near your area. But, first things first, you must understand that there is a wide variety of moving companies working in the country. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, as much as 7000 moving companies are working around the entire nation.

So, how can you protect yourself from scams or cheap moving companies or imposters? Here how to find a reputable mover for your relocation requirements.

Indicator 1- Their Difference in Approach When a Customer Calls

If you are trying to consult a bad mover, they will start a conversation with no context. They will not even pronounce their company’s name. They will say like “movers” or “moving company”. Brand identity is very important for good movers. So, whenever you call reliable NYC movers, they will always start a conversation with their company’s name. After all, that’s how you start any conversation? With a name, isn’t it?

Indicator 2- Their Attitude When Asked For a Price Estimate

It is important to note that if you ask any moving company for a home visit for a moving estimate. And if they refuse to do so and ask for your phone or email. Say “no” to them right away as they will say something and ask for something after you finished your moving tasks. So, if you are wondering “How to find movers and packers?” that are good, look at their attitude and if they agree for an onsite inspection. 

How to find a mover you can trust might seem very challenging, but all these indicators will help find what otherwise seems an impossible task.

Indicator 3- Their Online Track Record

Ok, so you start your search for a reputable long distance movers NYC. How will you choose what is best for you? It’s simple. Find the company online and look for the desired details such as USDOT number, insurance, contact information along with their local address. 

If both the things match perfectly, move ahead and read their reviews and see how they did in those moving projects. If they have a bad reputation, they will never have a physical address or good reviews. On the contrary, the good ones have all their things updated at all times.

Indicator 4- How Are Their Local Offices And Warehouses Working?

If you do a bit of more extensive research and find that your preferred moving company has no running local offices or warehouses, and if they are actually working. The things might be going in bad shape. On the other hand, if you choose the right long-distance movers NYC, they will have both — operational warehouses and working local offices.

Indicator 5- Asking For a Deposit

Imagine your moving company contacts you all of a sudden and starts demanding a deposit? What will do you do? Well, there are two different scenarios to look for. First, are they asking for more than 20% of the final estimated budget? Are they asking for a cash deposit?

If yes, then stop there and then. They are not at all trustworthy. Instead, a good or a reputed moving company will only ask for approx. 10-20% of the final estimated cost and that too via credit card.

Indicator 6- Their Customer Recommendations

The more the ratings, the better will be a moving company. If your moving company owns a branded truck, then it is precisely a good one. However, the ones with no reputation will be using rental trucks for their moving tasks.


How to find a reputable mover might be a bit challenging at first. But, if you follow all the pointers stated above, rest assured, at least you won’t ever meet a fraud company. But, if it is still bothering you, the good news for you will be that all the reputed long distance movers NYC will be members of the American Moving and Storage Association, which means they are trustworthy and will take care of your moving tasks without any hassles. 

Another thing is that most of the AMSA members are ProMovers certified, which means your items are definitely in good hands. So, make sure to check all the details minutely without missing out on any. Happy moving!

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