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Guide To Relocating To a Walk Up Apartment

Guide To Relocating To a Walk Up Apartment

While moving to New York might be a great thing to happen to you on a professional or personal front. But all of us are very aware of the skyrocketing rent in the city.

An NYC move is not all stars and rainbows as much as the movies would like you to believe. Unless you make a strong base budget which has a basis in reality, you will continue to have a tough time finding a livable place in NYC.

Small Office Movers NYC will all tell you the same thing. If it is NYC, it is probably downsizing and walkups. This requires a huge adjustment on the lifestyle front as well as on the moving front.  Starting over in a big city has its perks and benefits but nobody can ever prepare you for the big culture shock that is about to enter your life when you move into a walk-up.

You will, of course, save on the rent but the move itself might get a little complicated. As a Moving Company NYC we all the things that you need to be hyper-aware of when it comes to moving in a walkup in this city.

Hire Help

I cannot emphasize this point enough. And this advice becomes more of a genuine plea as you keep climbing up the floors to your house. If you are located anywhere above the third floor then you really should not move up and down the stairs all the time, as it is a brutally exhausting task.

Unless you are a fitness enthusiast and like weightlifting or play football, the move will be a little too much for you. Hiring an experienced moving company will help you navigate the potential pitfalls or injuries that may befall you.

When you contact the movers, tell them exactly where you are moving and the floor that you are located at. Explicitly state it is a walk up to avoid increased prices later. To avoid a pivot situation, get as much of your furniture disassembled as you can. That will help you avoid headaches during your move.

Start Exercising

For people who are not on top of their exercise game, a walkup can quickly become taxing. It is physical labor after all.

Before you start having heavy boxes up the stairs, stretch. You need to stretch to avoid any kind of injuries. The first things to go up should be the heaviest of the lot.  You do this to ensure you don’t struggle and drop something or fall as you carry something as you will get tired as the day progresses. Make sure you get an ample amount of sleep on the night before the move and use restrooms before you start moving anything for increased efficiency.

Check The Clearance

Not every staircase is created on the same lines. Make sure that your items fit between the railing and wall with ease to safely transport your belongings up and down the stairs.  Remember that a lot of your furniture can be disassembled for ease of moving. Once you breakdown certain items it becomes easier to transport them up a couple of flights of stairs.

Moving in tight spaces can be quite troublesome as the probability to cause damage increases. So, take care that you wrap everything and put a buffer between the surface and walls for items that have a tendency to dent.  Blankets and bubble wrap are excellent buffers and both are commonly found and not all that expensive.

Wear The Correct Clothes

If you are trying to make a fashion statement while moving, don’t. Choose clothes on the basis of comfort and safety. You don’t want to wear a dress while climbing the stairs.

Wear closed-toed shoes that have a good grip on the ground especially when handling large objects. Try and avoid wearing skinny jeans as well if you want to be comfortable. Also, no matter what the weather is when you are moving, bring gloves.

You will be carrying wooden furniture like tables, chairs and other objects that may leave you with slivers and splinters. This is also another reason why we advise that you wrap your furniture with a buffer.

Be Smart

Chances are you will have a mixed group of people handling the move. Some people will be stronger than others and so, divide the work accordingly.

The person lifting the lower end of the furniture will have the toughest time and thus it is important they have some sort of muscle power. For some people, the lamp is better than the lower end of the couch. Try and keep that in mind.

Moving is exciting and there are endless possibilities you can explore when you make a move. But moving is a tall task and lack of an elevator can be pretty taxing on the move. Just follow our tips for an easy move.

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