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Follow These Tips. Cut Costs in Your Long-Distance Move

Follow These Tips. Cut Costs in Your Long-Distance Move

Moving long distance is totally different from moving to the same city. Hiring long distance movers NYC can help you save time and reduce stress related to the move. To ensure that your goods don’t get damaged during the moving process, make sure you pack heavier items in small boxes and lighter ones in large boxes. However, if you want to save some dollars, you need to follow some strategies. A major one is to buy used moving boxes, which are strong enough to hold your household items. What are some other moving tips to save money during long-distance move? Read on to learn more.


Remember you aren’t the only one in your city planning for relocation. When you move decides your overall moving costs. And, in the moving season, NYC movers charge more. For long-distance relocation, the best time to plan for your move is between September and May. You will definitely find some exciting deals and offers, which will automatically help you save money. Don’t schedule your move on national holidays and the month’s last weekend. Another benefit of moving during the off-peak seasons is that you will be able to avoid moving delays.

Pack Things Yourself

While professional packers and movers can help you speed up the moving process, it can cost you more. If you are aimed at saving your hard-earned money, it’s good to perform some moving tasks on your own. One is packing your household items yourself. Visit a local wine shop or grocery store and buy some used boxes for packing your items. Always bubble wrap glass items to provide extra protection. Use high-quality packing supplies, and label each box to simplify the process of unboxing after the move. Read online blogs and watch Youtube videos to learn how to pack fragile items.

Request Quotes From Multiple Moving Companies

Don’t all moving companies are the same, and their prices and services are also different. So, when finding long distance movers NYC, make sure you request quotes from at least 3 companies. This will give you an idea of how much money you require for your move. Usually, moving companies cost for a move based on—the number of items to move, distance between the current and destination locations. So, you should spend extra time to hire the best, affordable moving company. If you are handling some of the moving tasks on your own, such as packing things, booking a moving truck, etc., have an open discussion with your moving company regarding this to avoid any problems later on.

Enlist Family & Friends

While it’s never easy, moving can help you save a lot of money. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a local household is $2300 with 4 workers at $200 per hour. If you have a tight moving budget, a DIY move may be the right option for you. As you can’t do everything on your own, so, it’s good to ask your family and friends to help you during the process. Buy moving straps for handling heavy furniture items and avoiding those back issues.

To sum up, moving long-distance can cost more as compared to a local move. If you want to save some dollars, consider packing things on your own. Get used boxes from a local wine shop or grocery store, and buy affordable moving supplies. Ask for moving quotes from at least three long-distance movers NYC, compare their prices & services, and choose the best, affordable one. Consider moving during off-peak seasons, and you will surely get some exciting deals and offers. Ask your family members and friends to help you in your moving process.

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