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Top Packing & Moving Tips For Businesses

Top Packing & Moving Tips For Businesses

Moving your business is stressful. By planning things ahead of the move, you can avoid any interruptions to your workflow, and simplify the relocation process for your enterprise. Hiring the best commercial movers NYC enables you to get everything shifted to your new office space easily. If you are handling some of the moving tasks on your own, here are a few tips that will make moving more manageable and easier than you think. Let’s discuss.

Notify Employees About The Move

This is important. Remember employees are the building blocks of your business, and you should tell them about your relocation ahead the time. Additionally, they require time to prepare themself and plan for relocation. When should you notify your employees? Well, it depends. A few weeks is adequate. Be honest with your employees, and have an open discussion related to reasons for relocation, future plans, etc. Some employees may be concerned about transportation, distance from their homes, children’s school, etc. The more you communicate with your workers, the easier it will be to sort out things.

Create a Checklist

During office relocation, you have to plan for packing and moving heavy furniture items, electronics and a lot of other items. The best way to ensure that you get everything moved in your new office is to make a list of items.

Additionally, you should plan for every task related to the move and write down how can employees help you simplify the process. Do you want everyone to clean their desks before the moving day? What you want them to bring with them? Is there anything you want to leave behind? These are some important questions you need to get answers for. Once you created the checklist, take a print out, and pass it to your movers NYC.

Prepare For Moving Heavy Furniture & Electronic Items

No doubt you want to get computers, furniture, etc. shifted in an orderly fashion. Make sure you remove cables carefully and pack them in locked bags with their respective computers. Wait! Before packing them, don’t forget to take a back up of important information on a cloud server. 

If you are moving with movers NYC, work with them to plan for packing and moving furniture. Although it isn’t required, still you should do so to ensure a safe transportation of your office items. Count the furniture items you want to take along with. This is important because you don’t want that someone’s desk or chair is left in the old office.

Update Your Address, Website & Other Details

Your customers know your previous address, website, etc. So, you need to tell them about your new address. The day you start working in your new office, make sure you update physical and online listings. Update your new details on stationery, business cards, and website.

If your business is listed on Google+, Yelp, and other popular local listing sites, ask someone in your office to update details. Do so for social media pages as well. It’s good to inform your social media followers about your relocation at least 4 weeks ahead of the move.

In conclusion, office relocation involves a lot of tasks, which should be planned carefully. Notify your employees ahead of the time, so they can plan things and prepare themselves for the move. Make a list of items you want to move, and note down how can employees help you simplify the process. Update your new address and other details on local listing sites such as Google+ and Yelp. Plan for packing and moving your furniture and electronic items.

For stress-free relocation, hire the best commercial movers NYC.

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