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Use These Tips. Relocate Your Office Hassle-Free

Planning For Office Relocation Here Are Useful Tips

Relocating to a new office is as hard as moving to a new home. You have to pack bulky furniture, electronic devices, and other stuff. This may take a lot of time and you may require to shut down office operations for a few days.

Booking office movers NYC can help you make your relocation process a lot easier. However, following some simple tips will surely help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Top Office Relocation Tips You Should Follow

Start Planning ASAP

Planning is necessary. This will help you get everything done right and on time. Start planning for your office relocation as soon as possible. Write down on a paper who will be doing what and how they will do it. Divide the whole moving process into steps and assign estimated time of completion for each. This way, you can reduce anxiety related to relocation and get everything done without scrambling at the last minute.

When planning, always consider how will you transport heavy furniture and electronic items to the new location. Also, don’t forget to make an estimated budget for the move.

Take Measurements in Your New Office Correctly

As your items fit perfectly in your current office, but they may not fit properly in your new office. So, always make measurements in the new office space correctly. This will help you plan how the fridge, furniture, IT systems, etc. will be organized in the new space. 

Hopefully, you have selected the new office space, which allows conference tables, large electrical equipment, and other items fit properly in it. However, if you haven’t considered this, make sure you do it before the move.

Label All The Boxes

Don’t forget labeling. This will help you in loading, unloading and organizing things after the move. However, you can create a spreadsheet that comprises each box number and the items it’s containing.

Although labeling your boxes is a bit more work, it will help you save a lot of time and make your move smooth. Just imagine, if you have labeled each box, finding important items after the move would be a lot easier. But, if you haven’t labeled boxes, you have to open each one to get those items. Which approach is better?

Find Reputed Office Movers in NYC

Office Movers in NYC

Always do a comprehensive research to find a reliable moving company. We recommend you to ask for quotes from at least 3-4 movers. Because office moves are quite expensive, doing research can help you find the best deal.

Before booking a company, make sure you have an open discussion related to their services, prices, etc. Also, make sure the company is insured and licensed. If you want to save some dollars, you can handle some of the moving tasks on your own. For example, you can pack your items on your own. You can ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues to help you in loading and unloading things. 

Don’t Move Non-Essentials

Moving provides you the opportunity to check all the items you have in your office. However, you might have a lot of items, which you no longer require. Don’t move non-essential items. This will help you save a lot of time and money.

Make two lists—one for the items you want to move and another for the ones you no longer require. So, what to do with the non-essential items? You can donate them to your friends, neighbors or colleagues. Another option is to sell them online and earn some money.

Celebrate New Digs

Everyone will not feel comfortable working in a new space, make sure you take care of them. Say “thank you” to everyone who made your relocation successful, and celebrate your new space. Throw a small party. Don’t set up things quickly. Let the employees be familiar with the place for two to three days. This will help your staff know how much you care for them and appreciate their help.

After the move, you can organize some fun activities to help employees get off anxiety working at the new place.


Moving to a new office can be exciting yet stressful. Preparing for the relocation, packing things, booking a moving company, loading & unloading, etc. are the tasks that may take a lot of time. Plan ahead for everything related to your office relocation. This will help you pack your items on time and reduce anxiety related to the move. Take measurements of the new office space and plan how will you organize things. Label all the boxes—this will reduce stress when unboxing things and organizing them to their respective places. Make a list of non-essential items and consider selling or donating them. By not packing and moving non-essential items, you can save a lot of time and money. After the move, throw a small party to help your staff feel comfortable before they start working.

For hassle-free office move, book the best movers in NYC.

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