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Moving Companies NYC Shares Tips About Moving Plants

How to Move Plants Successfully Moving Companies NYC Share Ideas

Green thumb or not. Plants make your house look greener and fresher. And if you have spent years taking care of your plants. It would be absolutely hard on you if you have to leave those little friends behind. Luckily, moving companies NYC have the ways that will help you to move your friends to the place you will be moving to. All it takes is some planning, and you will be good to go.

How to Move Plants Without Any Hassles?

Many factors govern the final process of moving plants to another location. For instance, the type of plants that you will be dealing with as it is pretty simple to move potted plants. But, things are relatively more complicated when it comes to outdoor plants or larger potted plants. Let’s talk about both the types one by one and understand what goes into planning their move.

How to Move In-house or Indoor Plants?

You can move small plants pretty quickly. As all you need is to shift them in the current pots and place them in an open box for the moving process. Just to make sure they don’t break during the transit, stuff all the gaps with paper inside the box. This will prevent your plants from any kind of shock while moving. A lot of long distance movers NYC don’t have services for moving plants. So, you need to find if your company is providing such services or else you will have to ask for a different vehicle. This will be better on the whole as you manage their temperature and keep them happy during transit. 

How to Move Larger House Plants?

If you are thinking of moving large plants that you kept indoors, then, make sure to trim or prune them before you prepare them for a move. And if it’s a cold day on your moving day, make sure to cover your plants with a paper/newspaper first to keep them warm as many plants are vulnerable to temperature changes. This will make them stable. And if you think you can move these plants using your vehicle, make sure to take care of them. They are just like any pets who need love and care as much as any other living being to flourish. Moving companies NYC suggest never leave plants in a car if it’s too hot or cold outside as it might damage them permanently. You can also go for shipping your plants. But that can be pretty expensive.

How to Move Outdoor Plants?

It can be a little challenging to move your outdoor plants. So, you must consider not going with them before starting the process in the first place. Before you move larger plants, make sure you trim the plants first. This will be a good idea to move and let them regrow in the new location. In addition to that, make sure you water them properly so that the roots and soil stay moist during the move. This will allow them to breathe. Whether you are moving a larger tree or a shrub, make sure to wrap the root balls in burlap. They can stay like that for weeks before you start their regrowth process. 

For smaller outdoor plants, all you need is to place the roots and dirt in paper bags. That is better than any other alternative, such as plastic bags, as it will allow your plants to breathe. You can keep them watered like that and keep them viable for weeks to help you find some time for the prep work.

Keep both these types of plants in as much shade as you can. As we already mentioned that they might be sensitive to temperature changes. Once you reach your destination, make sure to give them some time to adjust to the new soil. And then plant them again. And you will get a luscious garden back in your new home.


Plants make your house complete. That’s why you want them to be a part of your life and a new place. However, you need to plan before the final moving day. Moving companies NYC will help you to understand the basic principles of moving plants and let you be with your green friends in your new destination as well.

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