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6 Reasons You Need to Hire Pros for Your Next Cross-Country Move

6 Reasons You Need to Hire Pros for Your Next Cross-Country Move

Moving across the country? Can’t you DIY something like that? Why not just rent a truck, load up your stuff and hit the road? Well, it’s not always that easy, and here are six solid reasons that you should hire professional movers for your upcoming cross-country move.

DIY May Not Be as Cheap as You Think

That rental truck is only $29.95 per day, and you think you can do the move in three days. That will keep your transportation costs under $100, right? Wrong! Most truck rental companies charge a fee per mile that can be as high as 50 cents or even more. Therefore an 1800-mile journey could cost you an extra $900. 

Whether your rented truck needs gas or diesel, you have to pay for it, and don’t plan on getting 30 miles per gallon. That 26-foot truck is going to get 10 miles per gallon at best. 180 gallons of fuel at $2.75 per gallon will set you back $455!

If you hire pro movers, all of these costs belong to them.

Big Item Help

Face it, you just don’t want to be stuck on the basement steps with a big heavy freezer trying to go in the opposite direction—down. Finding yourself trapped underneath that beast can spell a quick end to your DIY moving adventure. Rather than creating something like a real estate flyer to flag down moving help, work with p[ro movers who have the experience and equipment to handle anything you throw at them.

Let Someone Else Drive

If you have ever driven a 24-foot truck on an interstate highway for any period of time, you know that you quickly gain a lot of respect for long-haul 18-wheeler drivers who are experts in truck driver jobs. Make sure to take good care of it, even the exterior and interior design, and if ever you damage the truck seat covers, you need to seek help from an expert similar to Wet Okole.

When you pilot a big truck, you have to drive differently. You have to give yourself time to accelerate, time to stop, and you have to be careful when you get fuel so that you don’t damage the truck by driving under canopies meant for cars. You’re not going to have a stress-free trip if you’re behind the wheel of a big truck, so consider letting the pros handle the driving. When moving cross-country, some things may have to stay behind. If you weren’t able to resolve the matter of your vehicle or vehicles before it was time for the move, leave them in a long term parking facility. This will allow you to sell it or decide what you will be doing with it later on. It’s very easy to do, just as easy as putting a few of your belongings in self storage for safekeeping while you move and get things sorted out.


Whether you’re moving to a downtown Columbus apartment in the Midwest, or a sunny penthouse in California, if you do a DIY move and you have an accident and/or damage your belongings you can be entering insurance hell. If you haven’t procured proper coverage, you can be out of luck. If you hire professional movers, this insurance will already be in place, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Correct Equipment

So, you got a moving dolly along with your rental truck—do you know how to use it? Do you know how to secure heavy items? Do you know how to safely use your rental truck’s liftgate? Do you know how to prevent items from falling off the ramp as you are moving them into the truck? Basically, do you know how to use professional moving equipment? Unless you can answer a resounding yes to the above questions, consider pro movers.


According to property management experts at Goodjuju, “one reason people get wedding planners is to lessen stress. Your move isn’t your wedding, but you can figure out what we are driving at here. Let professionals handle as many move aspects as they can; they’re the experts, and quality moving pros will make your experience a lot easier.” 

Trust the experts and hire help! And good luck. If you are looking for a reliable Melbourne to Sydney removalist service, then talk to North Removals. Be it for furniture removal, your new home, or your office, we can help. We are one of the trusted removalist solution providers in Australia, as we offer timely and reliable relocations.

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