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Master The Art of Packing With These 7 Amazing Tips by Movers in NYC

Master The Art of Packing With These 7 Amazing Tips by Movers in NYC

Our life is like riding a bicycle. We must keep moving to maintain the balance. Consequently, we keep moving forward and opening doors to new opportunities. For the same purpose, many times we need to relocate from one city to another. And if you’re reading this, you are probably on the verge of making one yourself.

When moving, you always come to have a demanding responsibility of packing. At Pro Manhattan Movers NYC, we’ve encountered countless unwelcomed situations just because the clients were not aware of how to rightly pack their belongings. That’s why we’ve decided to put together these seven amazing tips to help you pack like a pro. These tips will make you understand how to pack more efficiently.

Bid Adieu To Unnecessary Items

Packing everything you own is a huge mistake. There are plenty of items you don’t really need, and you end up throwing them away after the relocation. Packing them is wasting your money and precious time. So, make sure that you don’t pack things that you no longer need. Take a few minutes, review all your belongings. Figure out what you actually need and what you not. After that, bid farewell to the unnecessary items. You can donate, sell, or throw them away as you wish.

Categorize Your Packing by Rooms

Categorize Your Packing by Rooms

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be taking with you, its time to start packing. To organize your packing efficiently, categorize your packing. And the easiest way to do this is by doing it by rooms. Make a plan, such as starting with living rooms, then the dining room, after that the kitchen and lastly the rest of the stuff.

One golden tip that Pro Manhattan Movers NYC can offer you here is to start packing a month prior to the move day. Doing so, you will have enough time to take care of everything. Also, it will be less tiring. Try to give at least an hour each day for one room. This will make the packing nice and smooth.

Only Choose Quality Moving Boxes

Quality Moving Boxes

Don’t just go for any boxes that you find cheaper, especially if you want that your commodities should get to the new location in one piece. Only choose high-quality moving boxes. They may cost you more but will keep your belongings safe throughout the move. Plus, you can be assured that they never break down in the mid of the move.

Label Your Belongings

Label your every box. Yes, you absolutely must do it. Labeling ensures movers know exactly where to take everything and how to handle them. Moreover, it will help you to find things a lot faster after the move. You will also save some money if your mover is charging you by the hour.

Pack Personal Items in a Separate Box

There are several items that you may need right away at your new place. Of course, you would not want to dig around all the boxes to find these. So, allocate a separate box for them. Not only it will save you time but will also come handy in case of emergencies.

Show Some Smart Work With The Clothing

Packing clothes takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, if you have lots and lots of clothes, they take a lot of space when packing. But, you can make the task easier by doing it smarter. Instead of folding just roll them, or put them in the garbage bags along with the hangers. In this way, they will take minimum space in the moving truck.

Most Important – Pack The Breakables Separately

You might be having a lot of fragile items like glasses, records, dishes, and art pieces. Hence, it is advisable to pack them separately. Go for individual moving boxes if required. Use bubble wrap, crumpled newspapers or towels to support the items in the box. Just ensure that the breakable items are securely packed.

To summarize, these are the 7 worthy tips for packing by movers NYC. Implement these and let us know about your experiences and any add-on tip in the comments below.

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