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How To Move In NYC

How To Move In NYC

Congratulations on deciding to move to the concrete jungle that houses over 8 million people. Moving to any place is hard, but there is something about New York that makes it harder. New York is different in the sense that it is genuinely egalitarian.

Nobody cares where you come from or what you did before coming here. What matters is what you decide to do once you are here. Now that we have got the emotional aspect of moving to New York out of the way. Let’s talk about how you are going to move here.

How do you keep your temper under control? There is an entire list of chores you need to go through, hire a moving company NYC; they will be able to help you the best with the move. Let’s begin with a list that will help you have a hassle-free move to the big apple.

Get Yourself Organized

Get Yourself Organized

Moving is a hectic task. There are lists, appointments, and tasks related to moving that you need to complete. The best way to make your move smooth is to ensure the organization in all aspects. Make a moving checklist well in advance and then ensure you mark every critical task on a digital calendar. If you break big tasks into smaller ones, they will transform into much more manageable undertakings.

Incorporate Color 

Packing is a mundane task. Why not splash a bit of color? Use color therapy to get your mood right. Yellow, pink, blue, and green are all great colors to give you the feeling of tranquility we all need during a move. Use brightly colored labels for each room and ensure that no box gets stolen or lost during the move. Another great thing that will happen is that you will have a much easier time when you start unpacking.

Become Resourceful 

In NYC almost every corner has a liquor store, once you pick up a celebratory drink, ask if you can grab a couple of used boxes. The inserts inside are great for protecting your fragile items. If the boxes that you have brought lack handles, cut triangular handholds in the sides of the boxes and fold the top flaps for all the heavy lifting.

Donate What You Don’t Need

Moving is the ultimate organization drive. It is the perfect time for moving everything that you don’t use out the door. If you are sorting through stuff, you can give some of the things to the people who need it the most. Also: you can use the receipts for tax deductions.

Create An Inventory 

Moving can often get muddled, and figuring out where you stash something can turn into an ordeal. Take an inventory of your belongings before you begin packing the boxes. Create a catalog of content, either a digital one or a handwritten one. Whatever you prefer. Then proceed to organize all of them in categories. Each specific item should have a place to go to. You don’t want to open a box containing your vacuum when you are looking for pots and pans.

Limit The Boxes 

Boxes have long been the golden standard for packing, but you are better served not having too many. You’ll yourself want to throw some of them out once you are standing in a sea of cardboard. Utilize hampers, suitcases, and baskets as much as you can. The more creative you get, the more chances of saving money you have. Also, it’s better for the planet if you use less cardboard.

Protect Your Breakables 

Bubble wrap is plastic and really not good for the environment. So, how does one ensure that their breakables remain safe? You kill two birds with one stone and wrap all of your belongings in your clothing. Clothing provides no friction and an ample amount of cushioning, giving your fragile objects a much higher chance of surviving. Clothing is a good alternative for when you need something to fill the empty space in boxes. If you need extra padding, then socks make great stuffers.

Avoid Unnecessary Packing 

Don’t waste time packing things that remain organized the same way once you reach your new place. If you are moving a chest of drawers, keep their goods inside and small items in their respective containers. Reinforce the entire structure either by ropes, tape, or leftover plastic wrap. Also, the clothes on hangers can move precisely that way. Gently place them in trash bags and cut them off when you hang the clothes in your closet.

Sort Your Moving Day Essentials 

The first day you move into your new place, you will not have the strength to unpack. Create a bag that has all the essentials that you will need on your first day at your new place. Ensure you clearly mark the box lest you confuse it with the other boxes.

Moving is a difficult task to accomplish; nobody can argue about that fact. But with a clear head and proper organization, one can see it through smoothly. If you need help, hire a moving company NYC to do the heavy lifting, and you should end with a relatively smoother move.

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