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Movers NYC Tell You How To Move With Children

Movers NYC Tell You How To Move With Children

Raising children is a tough undertaking. These little humans do have a tendency to be all over the place, and that can be a significant hindrance when all you’re trying to do is pack for a big move. Incorporating them in the moving process might sound like a significant challenge, but trust me, if you do manage to get through to them, it will be a rewarding experience as we, movers NYC have seen for a long time.

Children are often very attached to where they are at any given point of time, and so a wise decision would be to leave their room as the final room you pack.  Children thrive on a routine that you set for them, and to minimize stress on their little growing brains, it is essential that you take this into consideration.

So, how do you make it as stress-less for them as possible? We have a couple of points that would help you tackle moving with your children.

Explain The Move To Your Children 

Before you start packing up their room, a wise decision would be to sit them down and have a conversation with them regarding the move. They, too, deserve to know why they are moving and what the process to move is all about.

You see, when you are packing away all their stuff, it is possible that they might think that they will never get to see their belongings again, and that can spiral out of control very fast.

Here is the time to hone out your exceptional parenting skills and explain how this is a temporary situation, and they will be reunited with their belongings very soon.

Use positive words and describe your new house as a wonderland for them to play in.

Involve Them In The Move

Involve Them In The Move

Moving to a new house is a jarring experience for everyone involved, and younger children who don’t comprehend the concept too well are affected the most.

The only way to make them feel comfortable with the move is not to isolate them and instead involve them as much as you can. Take their help in packing their room as they will be best able to help sort the clutter in their place.

You can further take their help in preparing their own essential bags and also help you decorate the boxes which have their stuff so that they recognize the box instantly.


There is a lot that you will kind in your child’s room. This includes books, toys, stationery, and clothes.

Another reason for decluttering is also that the less you pack, the less you pay. So, figure out what does not need to make its way to your new house. The most efficient way of carrying this out is in coordination with your little ones.

It is important that you get rid of clothes that your children no longer wear either by discarding or donating them. Donate the small ones and dump the worn-out ones. Carry the same concept over to the toys and books.

Try Using Clear Plastic Boxes Instead of Cardboard

Considering you are dealing with little humans who usually have no incentive to act and think in the most reasonable way, you should have access to what you have packed.

You don’t want to have to deal with a meltdown while you are trying to plan a move. If by any chance, your child begins to have a major meltdown when they ask for something that you have packed away safely in a cardboard box, you would not want to open each and every box looking for that one thing.

Avoid a tiring situation and pack in clear boxes where everything is easily reachable to you.

Try Making The Process As Much Fun As Possible

Moving Fun

This is more of a trying thing, which means don’t push too hard. Try your level best to involve them from the beginning to the end when packing with them. The problem here is that if you push too hard, you might end up making them even more resentful to packing, which will slow down the entire process.

Try turning to move into a game and hope that they find it pleasant and fun. Incorporate music, dance, and anything else that your children enjoy into the move.      

Label and Decorate 

This is an extension of  the point I was trying to make above and what can be better than labeling and decorating the boxes.  It is important to label the children’s boxes as it will make the unpacking part easier. If you know what is inside the container, you know what to open on priority. 

If you don’t  want to go through the packing, you can always hire a moving company in new york city for a hassle free experience.

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